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Pancakes with Golden Syrup

I’ve made this pancakes a dozen of times by now, but I didn’t manage to blog about them until now. I’ve never had pancakes before coming to London. Not sure why, but probably because I used to make crepe when I was home, as my grandma and my mother before me did.

But since they say: When in Rome act like Romans :), I had to try and make some pancakes, and now I’m so in love with them, that I actually never prepared any crepes in a long time..

Now that I think about it maybe I should..soon..some savoury ones – with salmon, chives and creme cheese, or chicken and mushrooms? We shall see.

So many people enjoyed them, and I think now it’s time for me to share the recipe with you. To be honest I am not really sure where I found it but it works just fine for me.


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Bacon and mushrooms muffins

I have to admit I was pretty busy at the office these past two weeks, so I neglected the blog a lot..sorry about that..I wish I could stay home and write my blog instead of going to an office and sit in front of a laptop, but I can’t for now…maybe soon :).

I still cooked though, and I have some new pictures and a recipe from the Hummingbird bakery cookbook to share with you :).

Here a picture of the lovely tasty muffins before we start working:

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Biscuits with salmon and cream cheese

I love salmon and I love biscuits so I decided to pair them together for our breakfast last week.

So I baked some dill and buttermilk biscuits and then filled them with cream cheese and salmon, they came out delicious.


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Prosciutto and cheddar cheese wrapped salmon

Since we’re in London we decided to eat healthier, so here it is a wonderful recipe for Salmon wrapped in prosciutto and cheddar cheese, with a side of farfalle pasta with prawns and a cheesy sauce.

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First London dinner

Well..Hello again!

I think I already mentioned that I will soon move to London, and I did :).

I will try from now on to post more often and to let you all know how’s the food here in London, one of the most wonderful capitals of the world.

Since Sunday 15th of February we moved to a new house, a really nice litlle place that we enjoy so much!

And because now we have our own kitchen – by the way I think it’s the best kitchen we’ve got so far – we had to do some cooking. And I made a beautiful perfectly cooked beef steak with butter fried mushrooms and  salad:


It was delicious!

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Buns on fire

We like snacks but  I guess I already told you this :).. so last night we didn’t have any bread in the house..the perfect timing for baking something if I might say so :).

And I always wanted do make some buns .. So here they are looking absolutely amazing 🙂

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Sunday Specials: Chocolate Mousse Cake

Well in our family there is a tradition. Each Sunday we go and have lunch with the grandparents fromm my mother’s side. Everybody knows that. And it’s great cause my grandmother  it’s a wonderful cook and we love eating :).

Because i dream of being a chef someday (although nobody takes me really seriously, and my mother even told me that this is not possible cause all the good chefs are man…I think she’s wrong and I still try), I started do prepare something for them to eat each Sunday. I made bread, or biscuits and this weekend I found a delicious looking recipe on Baking for the cure blog, and i had to try it even though I don’t really like chocolate (Yes I know this is insane 🙂 ).

Here it is…I tell you it looks great and it’s so tasty!

Outrageous Chocolate Mousse

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