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This calls for a celebration

Today I celebrate the fact that both Tastespotting and Foodgawker published my frittata on their sites.

Thanks very much guys! We will be celebrating this with a glass of red J.P Chenet 🙂




This is great :).

See you soon Foodgawker!

See you soon Tastespotting!


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Foodgawker baby!!!

Another dream come true today!!

I think that this is right now the best food site there is, and I only dreamed to have something of my own here..

But it seems that somebody up in the sky loves me cause today Foodgawker published my beautiful biscuits.

Just look at them and Foodgawker:


Thank you Foodgawker!!!

I promise I will return soon 🙂


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Tastespotting published me :)

I think I browsed Tastespotting so much that I started to learn it by heart.

I always wanted to be so cool and to bake or cook something that will be published on Tastespotting and it seems that last night i did it.

Here it is my first and I promise not my last appearance  on Tastespotting.

Tastespotting apparence

Thank you Tastespotting :).

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