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London Baby :)!!!

I will be leaving for London in the next couple of weeks and I can hardly wait..

Did I tell you already that I wannabe a chef someday? Well i do 🙂

And i guess London it’s a great place to be starting the learning process..

A while ago i made a subscription to a very nice and in the same time weird and cool weekly magazine to find out what’s new in the big London..it’s called Le cool

Today reading this online magazine i found a great thing: a place where a Michelin star chef teaches you how to cook some great meals that you can eat in or at home.

The KitchenThis place is called The Kitchen and it will be probably the first place i will go for cooking classes.
I think this is a lovely business and i really don’t know why here in Bucharest nobody does such things..

Maybe i will give it a try someday 🙂



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