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Gadgets in my kitchen

I am trying to post a lot of things on the blog these days, and I am not that good at it unfortunately.

I have at least 2 posts in my drafts – one about some delicious pancakes with Golden Syrup, another one about Vanilla cupcakes and one about Red Velvet cupcakes, but I struggle to write them.

So I decided to write a post about the latest gadgets that entered our family.

Probably the first one I should mention is Ratatouille – or a small mouse (we hope 🙂 ) – that lives with us for over a week now.. We believe he’s quite smart because the mouse traps with glue and cheese don’t seem to work on him..Oh, well, we’ll keep trying :).

The second gadget I’ve added to our kitchen are two really nice PepperBalls that are now living on our fridge’s door 🙂

minimagnetic_pepperball_500We just love squeezing the bunny ears to ground some salt or pepper in lovely dishes :).

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I love little design things

I know it’s a woman’s thing, but i can’t help it..i love all the little things that you can put on the table, or that you can just stack in your kitchen even though they are not very useful, but oh so very beautiful…:)

Look at these little wonders 🙂 :

Mad hatter coffee or tea setA beautiful set called: The Mad Hatter Bowl Set was designed by Jorine Oosterhoff to tell you a story each morning you drink your coffee or tea.

Milk and sugar set

You like your coffee with milk and sugar? Don’t miss this Milky Major and Sugary Soldier set created by the same Jorine.

I think they are lovely and i would like to be in their company each morning for breakfast :).

You can just order them online at: Horne
Good luck!


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