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The food magician

I think everybody by now all my closest friends and family know that when I grow up I want to be a chef.

Probably most of them think I am kidding or that this is a mere trifle and that it will pass. i hope I will be able to prove them wrong someday.

Until then I am trying to start learning as much as I can about all the cooking methods and technics, about all the spices, vegetables, fruits and meats; and trying to improve my skills by practicing too when I get the chance.

If Heston Blumenthal managed to succeed without attending any school of cookery, and now he has the 2nd best restaurant in the world. Why shoudn’t I succeed?

I admire him best now for what he accomplished, and for what he is still doing, trying to improve and to reach perfection each day.

I will try to do the same, and hopefully



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