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Salmon and risotto for dinner

Risotto… seemed to me just impossible to cook for a long time it..I was so afraid of it that I couldn’t bring myself to even try ..

But this time I did it..and it was so delicious but probably slightly overcooked.. I will be more careful next time..

I paired it with some honey and whole mustard glazed salmon and it was just perfect for dinner ..look:

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Baked cod fish with mustard and cheese

Yes..it’s fish again. I promise I’ll try to post some steak soon – I already cooked it yesterday and was great – but I still need to work on the pictures..

So let’s have another fish: cod this time, with a mustard, lemon, cheese and sour cream sauce, garnished with tomatoes. It came out a bit runny but absolutely delicious.


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Salmon with horseradish sauce and asparagus

We love salmon it’s true, and we are trying to eat fish at least once a week, it seems it’s healthy :).

I wanted something easy to prepare, tasty and healthy in the same time, so I had to choose salmon and asparagus, and to pair them with horseradish sauce, chives and lemon juice.

It turned out great don’t you think?

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Biscuits with salmon and cream cheese

I love salmon and I love biscuits so I decided to pair them together for our breakfast last week.

So I baked some dill and buttermilk biscuits and then filled them with cream cheese and salmon, they came out delicious.


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Prosciutto and cheddar cheese wrapped salmon

Since we’re in London we decided to eat healthier, so here it is a wonderful recipe for Salmon wrapped in prosciutto and cheddar cheese, with a side of farfalle pasta with prawns and a cheesy sauce.

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