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Sunday Specials: Chocolate Mousse Cake

Well in our family there is a tradition. Each Sunday we go and have lunch with the grandparents fromm my mother’s side. Everybody knows that. And it’s great cause my grandmother  it’s a wonderful cook and we love eating :).

Because i dream of being a chef someday (although nobody takes me really seriously, and my mother even told me that this is not possible cause all the good chefs are man…I think she’s wrong and I still try), I started do prepare something for them to eat each Sunday. I made bread, or biscuits and this weekend I found a delicious looking recipe on Baking for the cure blog, and i had to try it even though I don’t really like chocolate (Yes I know this is insane 🙂 ).

Here it is…I tell you it looks great and it’s so tasty!

Outrageous Chocolate Mousse

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