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Bacon and mushrooms muffins

I have to admit I was pretty busy at the office these past two weeks, so I neglected the blog a lot..sorry about that..I wish I could stay home and write my blog instead of going to an office and sit in front of a laptop, but I can’t for now…maybe soon :).

I still cooked though, and I have some new pictures and a recipe from the Hummingbird bakery cookbook to share with you :).

Here a picture of the lovely tasty muffins before we start working:

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Baked cod fish with mustard and cheese

Yes..it’s fish again. I promise I’ll try to post some steak soon – I already cooked it yesterday and was great – but I still need to work on the pictures..

So let’s have another fish: cod this time, with a mustard, lemon, cheese and sour cream sauce, garnished with tomatoes. It came out a bit runny but absolutely delicious.


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Parmesan zucchini

We are aiming to eat healthy and that’s why I decided to pair my baked cod fish with some vegetables.  I decided to go for zucchini and to bake them in a Parmesan batter with some breadcrumbs.

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