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Biscuits with salmon and cream cheese

I love salmon and I love biscuits so I decided to pair them together for our breakfast last week.

So I baked some dill and buttermilk biscuits and then filled them with cream cheese and salmon, they came out delicious.


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Yogurt, dill and scallions biscuits

Do I have a thing for biscuits? Yes..maybe I do 🙂

It’s not only me though, it’s also Alex who really likes snacks. I thought of baking something sweet tonight but we end up doing something salty instead..


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Cheesy Garlic-ish Biscuits

Well i like cooking and baking, there i said it. So each weekend or even each night after work, i try to do some cooking or baking hoping that some day i will quit my job and become a real Chef.

So I decided to start this blog – yes i know it’s late -to share with all there is about food: recipes, a kitchen dictionary, a kitchen convertor, kitchen design, food design, restaurant reviews and I hope much much more.

Anyway let’s get started: last night we decided to bake something and since we already ate something sweet we decided to make some snacks. So here they are some beautiful “Christmas in your mouth” Cheesy Garlic-ish Biscuits.


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