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Beef steak with watercress, rocket and baby spinach salad

I have to tell you that we really looooove beef J. We love the taste, the looks and the fact that our livers appear to be happier with it compared to pork..

So once a week we have beef, usually steak because it takes a couple of minutes to be ready, it’s tasty and it’s suitable for dinner, for some of us …concerned about their weight… 🙂

So this week’s beef steak was a mustard beef sirloin with a crunchy salad. Just look at it..


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First London dinner

Well..Hello again!

I think I already mentioned that I will soon move to London, and I did :).

I will try from now on to post more often and to let you all know how’s the food here in London, one of the most wonderful capitals of the world.

Since Sunday 15th of February we moved to a new house, a really nice litlle place that we enjoy so much!

And because now we have our own kitchen – by the way I think it’s the best kitchen we’ve got so far – we had to do some cooking. And I made a beautiful perfectly cooked beef steak with butter fried mushrooms and  salad:


It was delicious!

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Chili con carne

Some time ago I ate the best, and I have to admit, the first chili con carne ever, in a small club/bar/house here in Bucharest. People call it OTA. It was really great and I hated the fact that I just didn’t properly ask for the recipe..
Since then I kept thinking that I have to cook it someday..and that day came yesterday…

So here it is:

Chili con carneChili con carne is basically a spicy stew made with ground beef, chili peppers, cumin, onions, garlic and beans.

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