Pancakes with Golden Syrup

I’ve made this pancakes a dozen of times by now, but I didn’t manage to blog about them until now. I’ve never had pancakes before coming to London. Not sure why, but probably because I used to make crepe when I was home, as my grandma and my mother before me did.

But since they say: When in Rome act like Romans :), I had to try and make some pancakes, and now I’m so in love with them, that I actually never prepared any crepes in a long time..

Now that I think about it maybe I should..soon..some savoury ones – with salmon, chives and creme cheese, or chicken and mushrooms? We shall see.

So many people enjoyed them, and I think now it’s time for me to share the recipe with you. To be honest I am not really sure where I found it but it works just fine for me.


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Gadgets in my kitchen

I am trying to post a lot of things on the blog these days, and I am not that good at it unfortunately.

I have at least 2 posts in my drafts – one about some delicious pancakes with Golden Syrup, another one about Vanilla cupcakes and one about Red Velvet cupcakes, but I struggle to write them.

So I decided to write a post about the latest gadgets that entered our family.

Probably the first one I should mention is Ratatouille – or a small mouse (we hope 🙂 ) – that lives with us for over a week now.. We believe he’s quite smart because the mouse traps with glue and cheese don’t seem to work on him..Oh, well, we’ll keep trying :).

The second gadget I’ve added to our kitchen are two really nice PepperBalls that are now living on our fridge’s door 🙂

minimagnetic_pepperball_500We just love squeezing the bunny ears to ground some salt or pepper in lovely dishes :).

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Julie and Julia

I guess my vacation made me forget a few things.

I saw Julie and Julia in a private screening at Sony offices in London. It was great and I can’t thank enough to Niamh over at Eat like a girl and the guys at Duckworth Publishers for the invite.

The movie is absolutely great, and I loved Meryl Streep playing Julia Child, both me and Alex thought she was amazing. It’s a lovely movie even if you’re not into cooking, but it’s true it’s even lovelier if you are.

I am reading now the book I’ve received at the screening:  My life in France by Julia Child with Alex Prud’homme – and I am enjoying every page of it.

Can wait to start “My year of cooking dangerously” by Julie Powell.

The point is: go see the movie. It’s a mix of stories, a feel good movie.

Let me know what how it was :).

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Triple chocolate brownies

I’ve got a secret to tell you, and I am pretty sure it will shock you a little: I don’t really like chocolate.

I can live without it for days, even months and not complain, even not crave for it.

It’s true I eat it from time to time, but just because somebody offers me some, and I can’t say no, or because I can’t get my hands on some other sweet stuff.

My husband Alex is, however, made out of a different material. He loves chocolate.

He loves everything coated in chocolate, I could probably coat meat in chocolate and he will eat it.. You know like that episode in Friends when Joey ate the most disgusting thing in the entire world:  a cake made of meat, jam, and something else, and he kept saying it’s great. What’s not to like: Meat? Goood! Jam? Good! 🙂

So having this in mind, I decided to go for some brownies. I’ve baked brownies before, but couldn’t actually remember where I found the recipe, so I went searching for a recipe on blogs I loved.

And I found one, that sounded really good on Use Real Butter and I went home to do my baking.


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hmmm..I am so behind schedule on everything these days..because I was on holiday.

Didn’t have the chance to add new recipes..I am not proud of myself for not taking any food pictures in Lisbon..

Not proud that I keep buying cooking books, but can’t seem to find the time to actually read them.

I need a plan..something that I’ll have to follow..

These are a few things that I need to do soon, I will list them here, so that if I don’t do them I will feel really bad..

1. Home made Vanilla extract

2. garlic oil

3. chilli oil and all kings of different oils 🙂

4. buy some spice jars, different bottles, bigger jars

5. pickle some cauliflower and carrots

I’ll start light..because I am afraid that if I add too many things on the list, I’ll get overwhelmed by them

Wish me luck please!!

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Bacon and mushrooms muffins

I have to admit I was pretty busy at the office these past two weeks, so I neglected the blog a lot..sorry about that..I wish I could stay home and write my blog instead of going to an office and sit in front of a laptop, but I can’t for now…maybe soon :).

I still cooked though, and I have some new pictures and a recipe from the Hummingbird bakery cookbook to share with you :).

Here a picture of the lovely tasty muffins before we start working:

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Salmon and risotto for dinner

Risotto… seemed to me just impossible to cook for a long time it..I was so afraid of it that I couldn’t bring myself to even try ..

But this time I did it..and it was so delicious but probably slightly overcooked.. I will be more careful next time..

I paired it with some honey and whole mustard glazed salmon and it was just perfect for dinner ..look:

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