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I moved!!

You will find me here starting today:  Smell my kitchen

Wish me luck and I hope you’ll enjoy my new blog!!




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Blaggers’ Banquet – 15th of November in London


The Blagger’s banquet is a great event put together by food bloggers to support a bigger campaign: Action against hunger

I find the event extraordinary and I will try to support it as much as I can.

How it works: On the 15th of November we will meet at Hawksmoor for an exiting dinner cooked, served and sourced entirely by bloggers. Bonus: we will have a blagger’s auction, where we will auction items we’ve blagged.

All funds raised at the auction, together with the money raised on banquet tickets  will go to Action Against Hunger.

It will be lovely if you could help us with anything: food, drinks, items to auction. You offer it, we use it to a good cause, so don’t hesitate to contact me if you want to help us out: sassyfoodie [@] gmail [.] com.

For more details about the banquet you can also visit:  Eat like a girl


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I decided – I’m moving

I am moving, so that’s why there is no activity what so ever on this blog.

Because it will be on the next one!!

So..stay tuned for the big announcement.

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I am undecided.

For a couple of weeks now, I am thinking about changing the name of my blog.Don’t ask me why, the answer will probably sound really silly to you.

The confusion comes from the fact that WordPress doesn’t actually allow you to change the name of the blog, so, if I want to do this I need to actually migrate everything on the new blog..

This takes time, and courage, and so many other things.. What template to choose, how should the header look like, should it be girly or not? These are the big questions now :).

Anyway the point I am trying to make is that I’ll probably have an announcement for you soon, so keep checking this space.

I remembered: another reason for this post is to tell you that I am still cooking, and I have loads of posts in the waiting room, but first I need to decide on which blog to actually post them.

See you soon!

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Julie and Julia

I guess my vacation made me forget a few things.

I saw Julie and Julia in a private screening at Sony offices in London. It was great and I can’t thank enough to Niamh over at Eat like a girl and the guys at Duckworth Publishers for the invite.

The movie is absolutely great, and I loved Meryl Streep playing Julia Child, both me and Alex thought she was amazing. It’s a lovely movie even if you’re not into cooking, but it’s true it’s even lovelier if you are.

I am reading now the book I’ve received at the screening:  My life in France by Julia Child with Alex Prud’homme – and I am enjoying every page of it.

Can wait to start “My year of cooking dangerously” by Julie Powell.

The point is: go see the movie. It’s a mix of stories, a feel good movie.

Let me know what how it was :).

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Triple chocolate brownies

I’ve got a secret to tell you, and I am pretty sure it will shock you a little: I don’t really like chocolate.

I can live without it for days, even months and not complain, even not crave for it.

It’s true I eat it from time to time, but just because somebody offers me some, and I can’t say no, or because I can’t get my hands on some other sweet stuff.

My husband Alex is, however, made out of a different material. He loves chocolate.

He loves everything coated in chocolate, I could probably coat meat in chocolate and he will eat it.. You know like that episode in Friends when Joey ate the most disgusting thing in the entire world:  a cake made of meat, jam, and something else, and he kept saying it’s great. What’s not to like: Meat? Goood! Jam? Good! 🙂

So having this in mind, I decided to go for some brownies. I’ve baked brownies before, but couldn’t actually remember where I found the recipe, so I went searching for a recipe on blogs I loved.

And I found one, that sounded really good on Use Real Butter and I went home to do my baking.


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hmmm..I am so behind schedule on everything these days..because I was on holiday.

Didn’t have the chance to add new recipes..I am not proud of myself for not taking any food pictures in Lisbon..

Not proud that I keep buying cooking books, but can’t seem to find the time to actually read them.

I need a plan..something that I’ll have to follow..

These are a few things that I need to do soon, I will list them here, so that if I don’t do them I will feel really bad..

1. Home made Vanilla extract

2. garlic oil

3. chilli oil and all kings of different oils 🙂

4. buy some spice jars, different bottles, bigger jars

5. pickle some cauliflower and carrots

I’ll start light..because I am afraid that if I add too many things on the list, I’ll get overwhelmed by them

Wish me luck please!!

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