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Bacon and mushrooms muffins

I have to admit I was pretty busy at the office these past two weeks, so I neglected the blog a lot..sorry about that..I wish I could stay home and write my blog instead of going to an office and sit in front of a laptop, but I can’t for now…maybe soon :).

I still cooked though, and I have some new pictures and a recipe from the Hummingbird bakery cookbook to share with you :).

Here a picture of the lovely tasty muffins before we start working:

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Naan bread

As I said in a previous post I like Kevin’s blog and I found here a recipe of Naad bread that I really had to try, and it was really great to be honest.

I served it on Sunday with lentils with bacon, the recipe will follow one of these days.

So..what do you think?

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Biscuits with salmon and cream cheese

I love salmon and I love biscuits so I decided to pair them together for our breakfast last week.

So I baked some dill and buttermilk biscuits and then filled them with cream cheese and salmon, they came out delicious.


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Buns on fire

We like snacks but  I guess I already told you this :).. so last night we didn’t have any bread in the house..the perfect timing for baking something if I might say so :).

And I always wanted do make some buns .. So here they are looking absolutely amazing 🙂

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