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Basic CMYK

I love food photography, I love cooking, and kitchen gadgets and product design and all the little tasty things in life, and that’s why I decided we needed another gallery for foodies to share their recipes, their favorite restaurants, gadgets and sweets.

So..that’s how Craving for came to life.

Take a look, and please do tell me what you think, send me your feedback, send us your recipes, your pictures, your gadgets.


We hope you’ll enjoy

Please try and browse the site using tends to look not so good when opened with Internet Explorer. We’re sorry about that and we promise we will address this as soon as possible.


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Foodgawker baby!!!

Another dream come true today!!

I think that this is right now the best food site there is, and I only dreamed to have something of my own here..

But it seems that somebody up in the sky loves me cause today Foodgawker published my beautiful biscuits.

Just look at them and Foodgawker:


Thank you Foodgawker!!!

I promise I will return soon 🙂


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Tastespotting published me :)

I think I browsed Tastespotting so much that I started to learn it by heart.

I always wanted to be so cool and to bake or cook something that will be published on Tastespotting and it seems that last night i did it.

Here it is my first and I promise not my last appearance  on Tastespotting.

Tastespotting apparence

Thank you Tastespotting :).

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London Baby :)!!!

I will be leaving for London in the next couple of weeks and I can hardly wait..

Did I tell you already that I wannabe a chef someday? Well i do 🙂

And i guess London it’s a great place to be starting the learning process..

A while ago i made a subscription to a very nice and in the same time weird and cool weekly magazine to find out what’s new in the big’s called Le cool

Today reading this online magazine i found a great thing: a place where a Michelin star chef teaches you how to cook some great meals that you can eat in or at home.

The KitchenThis place is called The Kitchen and it will be probably the first place i will go for cooking classes.
I think this is a lovely business and i really don’t know why here in Bucharest nobody does such things..

Maybe i will give it a try someday 🙂


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When I grow up…

Don’t get confused I am a grown up..but this is my way of saying that someday I really want to do, or have something.

In this case I would really love to own a little shop someday: a bakery/delicatessen store.

Something similar to what the famous Gordon Ramsey has in London: Nonna’s Deli

Nonna's Deli

Keep your fingers crossed for me, cause it will probably be somewhere near you :).


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