Gadgets in my kitchen

I am trying to post a lot of things on the blog these days, and I am not that good at it unfortunately.

I have at least 2 posts in my drafts – one about some delicious pancakes with Golden Syrup, another one about Vanilla cupcakes and one about Red Velvet cupcakes, but I struggle to write them.

So I decided to write a post about the latest gadgets that entered our family.

Probably the first one I should mention is Ratatouille – or a small mouse (we hope 🙂 ) – that lives with us for over a week now.. We believe he’s quite smart because the mouse traps with glue and cheese don’t seem to work on him..Oh, well, we’ll keep trying :).

The second gadget I’ve added to our kitchen are two really nice PepperBalls that are now living on our fridge’s door 🙂

minimagnetic_pepperball_500We just love squeezing the bunny ears to ground some salt or pepper in lovely dishes :).

To keep them company we’ve got the little magnetic teaspoon/tablespoon mesure that I absolutely adore, and not only cause of his delicious colour 🙂

spoonmagnetOhh..and I am not over yet 🙂

For our 1st wedding anniversary, Alex got me a nice little green iPod with a very very special engraving, but that wasn’t all :).

He knows I am a kitchen freak, and soon will probably be even worse than that, so he got me two gadgets I was craving for a loooong time: a garlic card and a chop-to-pot!

How can you not love this little thing especially when it helps you with the best ingredient of them all: garlic :).


The last one, for now, is the Chop-to-pot cutting board that I think is brilliant. It’s the kind of design so simple, yet so ingenious that makes you think – How come I didn’t think of this?… The answer to this is: you’re not a product designer.

Still I am happy somebody thought of it, so that I can use it in my kitchen :).

choptopot_500x500Can’t wait to add more gadgets to my collection.

I think next I should really buy a proper chef’s knife, a Le Creuset casserole and a Kitchen Aid :).

P.S. I did check some of the lists in one of my previous posts:

– bought some jars

– pickled some celery, cauliflower and carrots – now waiting for them to be ready to eat 🙂

See some more gadgets on: Craving for


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