hmmm..I am so behind schedule on everything these days..because I was on holiday.

Didn’t have the chance to add new recipes..I am not proud of myself for not taking any food pictures in Lisbon..

Not proud that I keep buying cooking books, but can’t seem to find the time to actually read them.

I need a plan..something that I’ll have to follow..

These are a few things that I need to do soon, I will list them here, so that if I don’t do them I will feel really bad..

1. Home made Vanilla extract

2. garlic oil

3. chilli oil and all kings of different oils 🙂

4. buy some spice jars, different bottles, bigger jars

5. pickle some cauliflower and carrots

I’ll start light..because I am afraid that if I add too many things on the list, I’ll get overwhelmed by them

Wish me luck please!!


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