Lemon, lime and ginger – lemonade :)

Even though it’s not so hot in London, and we had some rain on Sunday, I still needed something fresh, so I thought: a lemonade will be great!

lemonade_1_500x500Ingredients (for two lemonades):

1  lemon

1 lime

2 pinches of ground ginger

2 tsp caster sugar

4 mint leaves

2 thin slices of lime to garnish

cold still water – around 400 ml


Squeeze half a lemon and half a lime and put the juice in a glass. Add 1 tsp of sugar and 1 small pinch of ground ginger and stir well. Add two mint leaves and 1 lime slice and enough water to fill the glass. Stir again well – and here you have your nicely flavoured lemonade.



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10 responses to “Lemon, lime and ginger – lemonade :)

  1. Is it possible to use fresh ginger? If so, how would you go about it?

    • ralukmica

      @Sam Eh: I am not sure what to say about that. I find ginger a bit too spicy, so I only used a small pinch of the ground one. I guess one could grate a fine piece of ginger let in sit in the lemon juice for a while, and then just remove it – so that the lemonade will not be so spicy.

  2. I love adding brown sugar instead of caster sugar and sometimes I also like to add sparkling water instead of still water, but your version is also very goof during hot sunny days

    • ralukmica

      @Joanna in the kitchen: you’re right you can add brown sugar, but I didn’t do that not to mess with the colour of the lemonade, so that I can take some nice pictures :). I can’t really drink fuzzy water, that’s why I used still, but fuzzy is great also.

  3. That looks absolutely refreshing — perfect for the 114 degree day we have in store for us here in Phoenix today. I think I’ll use agave nectar in place of the sugar. It’s my go-to sugar replacement these days.

  4. Add some vodka and you’ve got yourself a lovely little cocktail!

  5. wannabee

    Mica dear, this it the most tastefull lemonade I have ever had! I enjoyed every single gulp of it ;o)

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