The food magician

I think everybody by now all my closest friends and family know that when I grow up I want to be a chef.

Probably most of them think I am kidding or that this is a mere trifle and that it will pass. i hope I will be able to prove them wrong someday.

Until then I am trying to start learning as much as I can about all the cooking methods and technics, about all the spices, vegetables, fruits and meats; and trying to improve my skills by practicing too when I get the chance.

If Heston Blumenthal managed to succeed without attending any school of cookery, and now he has the 2nd best restaurant in the world. Why shoudn’t I succeed?

I admire him best now for what he accomplished, and for what he is still doing, trying to improve and to reach perfection each day.

I will try to do the same, and hopefully



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4 responses to “The food magician

  1. I truly believe that you will succeed. Whenever there’s passion for something there’s no way around it..

    I’ll eat anything you’ll cook. It all looks very photogenic and yummy.. (your husband is lucky to have chef’s creations on a regular basis ;)))

  2. ralukmica

    Thanks so much Ludmila 🙂
    And I would wear all of your dresses 🙂
    When you come to London you’re invited to dinner for sure 🙂

  3. I follow you (including on Twitter) for three reasons:
    1. I admire your dream to become a chef;
    2. My son is dreaming the same and we cand watch TV only on food channel; so, to me it sounds familiar;
    3. We have same family name.

    As said, I admire you wanted to become a chef. However, I was reading an article about one of the best Chef School in Canada –
    and I know that recently they received a grand of few million dollars. I’ve also seen an other website
    Why do you think they study to be a chef?
    Just asking!

  4. ralukmica

    @Dan Micu: Thanks for following my blog and me on Twitter. Unfortunately lately I didn’t add anything new.
    I don’t really know the answer to your question, but I’ll tell you why I want to become a chef:
    – because I like to cook
    – I like cooking for my loved ones, and the joy they feel when they taste something special
    – because I am very happy when they like what I cook.
    I don’t really want to cook for fame and glory – I want to become a chef so that I can open my own small and warm restaurant.

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